Most of our waist beads are traditional tie-on beads made with non-stretch cotton thread. You will receive a long strand of beads that you then fit to your waist. You do not need to know your exact measurements, and do not select a size when ordering tie on beads. Our standard beads are approximately 47 inches in length and will generally fit up to US size 18.

Yes, each strand is sold individually and will wrap around the waist one time.

Beads can be used a personal means of self-expression so it really depends on you. Some people choose based on the meanings and emotions associated with certain colors, others choose based on colors they are drawn to. 

Our beads are made with multiple layers of non-stretch cotton thread to create a rope like effect for durability. Most of our beads are glass seed beads, while our flat beads are made using vinyl heishi beads.

Some people use waist beads as a non-scale way to track weight fluctuations. As you lose weight, you will feel the beads dropping, and as you gain, you will notice the beads push up. Read more here.

You can retie your traditional tie-on beads if they become loose. You must have enough excess string to be able to retie the ends together. Simply cut the string where you initially tied, remove the excess beads and retie the knot following the initial tying instructions.

Our beads are designed at our Nativ Hand studio in Sweden and handmade by Nativ Hand in Ghana.

Traditionally, 3 beads are worn at a time, but most customers start with 2 so they can coordinate colors and layer it when tying. Some people choose to wear as many at a time.

It is perfectly fine to bathe, shower, swim, exercise, and of course have sex in traditional African waist beads. It is made with multiple cotton strings which are very tough. 

You do not need a clasp for traditional tie-on beads. If you are using waist beads as part of a fitness journey, we recommend the traditional tie-on beads. If you want the option to remove your beads, we suggest tying them lower hip, so that you can remove it overhead, or you may opt for our beads that have clasps/screws which can be found here.