About Us

Welcome to Nativ Hand – where sustainability, craftsmanship, and personalization converge to create timeless accessories designed for the conscious and connected individual.

Charles Kumor Parker
Founder & Lead Designer: Nativ Hand Studio

Ghana is one of the most culturally rich countries in all of Africa with a beautiful blend of several ethnic and racial groups living peacefully together as a people.

Charles is passionate about showcasing and promoting the rich African culture through art globally, so he emphasizes the use of local materials to create designs that combine practical function with contemporary aesthetics. 

During his undergraduate years studying Integrated Rural Art & Industry at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Kumasi – Ghana, he gained experience in working with various materials such as metal, wood, clay, leather, rattan & bamboo, and fibers & fabrics which he employs in various methods and processes. 

Concerned and passionate about finding solutions to socio-cultural and environmental problems, he undertook his master’s education in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund University in Sweden where his knowledge and skillset were fortified. He has focused his attention on design sustainability and circularity; designing strategies that focus on product attachment; aiming at product care/maintenance leading to product lifetime extension. This interest came about as he did not want to see something he designed and produced end up as waste.

“In Africa, literally nothing goes to waste because reusing and recycling is an everyday ritual on the continent. As little children, we are subconsciously raised on the idea of reusing, so this has become a part of me.”

Crafting a Sustainable Legacy

Our story begins with a commitment to sustainability and circularity. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, our accessories transcend mere products; they are a testament to the artistry that emerges when design and sustainability intertwine. Partnering with skilled talents worldwide, we weave a global tapestry of responsible craftsmanship.

Personalization Beyond Boundaries

Just like you, our products are unique. We believe in personalization that goes beyond mere customization – it’s about creating an emotional connection. Your Nativ Hand accessory is not just an item; it’s an extension of your individuality.

Our Sustainable Goals

As a company committed to authenticity, we’re not just creating accessories; we’re crafting a movement. Nativ Hand is founded on principles of accessibility, innovation, and environmental mindfulness. Our commitment to minimizing waste underscores a thoughtful approach to consumption, making luxury pieces attainable without compromising the planet’s well-being.

Designs that Stand the Test of Time

In a world of fleeting trends, we stand firm on the foundation of timeless design. Our classic silhouettes, thoughtful details, and high-quality materials are not just meant to elevate your everyday – they’re crafted to endure. Beyond the ebb and flow of fashion cycles, our accessories are designed to be cherished for years, both for their durability and enduring style.

A Personal Touch

At Nativ Hand, our team is more than colleagues; we are a family united by a passion for meaningful design. Run by a founder deeply connected to the craft, we refuse to compromise functionality for style. We listen to your stories, your routines, and your preferences, ensuring our accessories seamlessly integrate into your daily life without sacrificing personal taste. Our goal is to let our customers personalize everything and make it one of a kind, whether for yourself or a cherished loved one.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of conscious design, sustainability, and personal expression. Nativ Hand is not just a brand; it’s a community – your community.