Duvet Covers

This project is part of my conscious efforts to salvage and promote the dying indigenous art and crafts of the traditional Ghanaian heritage; it has become necessary to focus my attention on promoting the symbolic significance of African prints which has become a dying phenomenon in contemporary print designs in Ghana and Africa as a whole. I believe that what we eat, what we wear, how we behave, how we talk, and our attitude, among others, reflect in our culture giving us our identity as a people. In this regard, I came up with one-of-a-kind reversible patchwork duvet cover designs that integrate pieces of authentic Ghana-made traditional wax print fabrics bearing conceptualized designs which is symbolic and significant to African culture. Each piece of the duvet cover set is a 100% unique work of art, hand-crafted with over 100 hours of dedicated time, love, and labor going into its creation. I hope this production showcases the rich African culture on a global scale, attracts foreign consumers, and inspires other cultures with the aim of keeping the culture alive for generations while offering sustainable products.

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